Post-Ludum update.

Just a quick update to Polyorbis after the Ludum Dare 38 Jam.

  • If the game crashes a JFrame will open with a log file giving a short line of how to report the bug.
  • A MacOS bug with OpenGL has been fixed, there are still potential issues lurking.
  • Added a reason why the player can't move beyond the poles, and adjusted camera angles near poles to give better view.
  • Improved birch, pine, and cactus models.
  • Our engine has had LWJGL calls abstracted out, Android and WebGL support coming!
  • Game gets harder faster, mid-game spawns becomes a bit less predictable.
  • Added balance and reasons to yellow v. blue attacks.
  • Fixed some OpenGL compatibility.
There will be more updates to follow, we are enjoying developing this game with your help, keep reporting bugs!


Polyorbis-0.1.0.jar 82 MB
May 02, 2017

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